Outdoor Learning Area

This outdoor learning area was designed by our joiners to work within the school grounds. Sheds were also installed as part of the design.

Some of the benefits of outdoor learning are;

-Children’s mental health & wellbeing improves.

-Boosts confidence, social skills & communication

-Develop a love, appreciation and respect for nature and all that is living

-Encourages skills such as problem solving and negotiating risk which are important for child development.


For more information on outdoor learning products please call 01924 374953 or email us at office@the-sawmill.co.uk


Timber is a porous material and will absorb water, although we try our very best to make all of our buildings watertight, we cannot guarantee this is possible. We strongly advise that customers add guttering to steer away rain and silicone the windows.

Our buildings come pre-treated against rot and insect infection but we would still highly recommend the building is also treated with a suitable water-repellent timber treatment to preserve the quality and life of the product.

All buildings should be aired out regularly to prevent condensation or mould accumulating inside the building. If mould does appear Sawmill Timber UK Ltd. cannot be held liable for any damage to goods inside the building.

More information on shed care and maintenance can be found if you click here